Capable of causing severe damage to anything in their trajectory, hailstones form when raindrops are carried up within an updraft of air in a thunderstorm, mixing with cold air and freezing before falling to the ground.

Some hailstones can be quite large, and some are small, but all sizes are capable of wreaking havoc on your home or property. State Farm reported more than $3.1 billion in hail damage insurance claims in 2020 alone, with 2.6 billion going toward homeowner’s claims and $477 million toward auto claims.

Nebraska’s peak hail season is from May to July, and the phenomenon affects numerous communities and industries across the Cornhusker State. Hail causes billions of dollars in damages in the U.S. every year, and Nebraska lies directly within “hail alley,” a region in the U.S. prone to frequent hailstorms.

The state has experienced many severe storms producing hail, most recently on June 5, 2022, when a super cell thunderstorm moved across the state. The National Weather Service received reports of half-dollar sized hail pelting the town of Callaway, Nebraska, for around 15 minutes, severely damaging vehicles and residential and commercial buildings.

The largest hailstone ever recorded in the state was 7 inches in diameter, which was discovered near Aurora, Nebraska, following a June 2003 storm. That storm damaged more than 100 homes, completely destroying 20 of them, and 9 businesses were damaged or destroyed, according to the National Weather Service. At that time, the Aurora hailstone was the largest in recorded U.S. history, but that record was surpassed by an 8-inch hailstone that fell in Vivian, South Dakota, in July 2010.

The roof i one of the most commonly damaged parts of structures hit by hailstorms. Sometimes difficult to detect, hail damage can often go overlooked, leading to a snowball effect of worsening conditions. Unaddressed hail damage can lead to water leaks and mold growth, compromising the integrity of your roof. Having a public insurance adjuster that specializes in hail damage insurance claims on your side is a smart move to make to ensure every part of your damaged property is properly inspected and restored.

K-Factor Advocates is a public adjusting firm with experience handling hail damage insurance claims across the U.S. The company has a history of securing higher settlement amounts for their clients. K-Factor Advocates works 100% on contingency, so there’s no outright cost to you, and the company only gets paid if you do. On average, K-Factor has secured hundreds of clients a larger settlement claim than would have been received by using the insurance company’s adjuster alone.

The insurance company will work to protect their best interests, and you should be able to do the same. Securing a public insurance adjuster is the first step. We’ll do the rest.


K-Factor Advocates is a public adjusting firm that specializes in insurance claim negotiation, policy language and interpretation, and claims estimating. K-Factor’s team of public adjusters work on behalf of the policyholder. Coverage areas include Nebraska, Montana, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.

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