Pens, notebooks and folders are lining the store shelves, the local swimming pools are closing and you’re starting to see coffee shops and eateries tout pumpkin spice everything. These are all indications that the new school year is upon us and it’s time to get your children and home prepared for the semester.

Although you may hear some groans and complaining about the return to studying, homework and tests, making their transition a smooth one can help ease the frustration for both parent and child. There are many ways you can prep your home to organize the inevitable influx of papers that need to be signed and homework that needs to be done, as well as the supplies and materials required to get them through the year.

Here are some tips to consider when preparing your home for back-to-school season.


It’s easy to get distracted when studying at home, especially if there’s not a consistent space that is designated for work. Rather than moving from spot to spot, try creating a specific area that is designated for studying in order to maintain focus. If possible, keep this area away from distractions such as the television. The dining room table can be a good area for students to spread out their books and papers.


Create a specific area in your home for students to place schedules and papers that need to be signed. Place a few paper trays with labels in order to keep things organized and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. Stackable paper trays are available for homes with limited counter space. Having loose papers floating around the house is not only a major headache for parents, but it can be a fire hazard as well. Avoid placing flammable school supplies anywhere near a stovetop to prevent the possibility of a house fire and a fire damage insurance claim.


Keeping your kids’ textbooks and reading material organized on a bookshelf is a good way to not only keep them off the floor, but to ensure they’re easy to find when packing up their backpacks the next morning. Shelves and pegs in your kids’ rooms can also help designate a space for school supplies. If you have a mudroom or spacious entryway, installing hooks and shelves in this area is a good way for kids to grab their backpacks and jackets on their way out of the house.


Easing back into the school routine can be difficult, so try easing them into a bedtime schedule a couple of weeks before school starts, if possible. Once school begins, try to stick to a consistent schedule when it comes to homework, meals and bedtime to maintain as much order as you can. Have some flexibility when it comes to extracurricular activities and sports, as they can be an important part of the back-to-school experience.


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