Piled-up pots and pans, plastic containers without a lid in sight and something called a “junk drawer” are all tell-tale signs that your kitchen could use a little bit of organizing.

Organizing your kitchen may seem like a big, time-consuming task to tackle, but in the long run, it’s likely to save you time and could help prevent the possibility of fire damage.


In order to avoid a potentially disastrous kitchen fire, make sure your counters are clear to avoid clutter from spilling over onto your stovetop. Anything that can burn should be moved away from the cooking area. It’s also important to make sure to clean up any grease that may splatter on the stove, counters, or floor to avoid the possibility of a grease fire.


If you open your cabinet door and your pots and pans spill out like an avalanche, it may be time to rethink your storage situation. Finding an easily accessible and convenient space to keep these frequently used items is sure to make your time in the kitchen less stressful. Consider adding a hanging pot rack to take advantage of vertical space, especially in small kitchens. They’ll also provide a sense of charm and free up cupboard space while making your pots and pans easy to grab.


Plastic containers are the lifeblood of the American kitchen. For families constantly on the go, the ability to quickly grab last night’s leftovers and stuff it in your lunchbox offers the timesaving convenience that many families require. But plastic container storage can be tricky, especially when you’re dealing with multiple shapes and sizes of containers and separate lids. Rather than just shoving them haphazardly into the cabinet, invest in a food storage and lid organizer to keep them neat and tidy.


We all have those go-to items we use daily in the kitchen. Save yourself some time by keeping those items front and center, but in an organized way. For sponges and bottle brushes, a sink caddy will fit neatly on the edge of your sink next to the faucet. For frequently used spices or oils, try adding a magnetic spice rack to your refrigerator so you can quickly grab the oregano or olive oil to put into the dish you’re cooking. To free up counter space, floating shelves are a stylish and useful addition for small, essential items and decorations.


Most of us have one of these: a “catch-all,” a place to store those items that don’t quite fit in a home anywhere else, best known as a “junk drawer.” Sometimes these drawers get so crammed, they constantly jam. The first step to organizing this part of your kitchen is to purge everything you don’t need, and be realistic about whether or not you will really use it. Once you’ve narrowed down the items, add in some storage solutions that will help you keep the space tidy. Depending on the size of the items in the drawer, consider using an ice cube tray to sort out little items. For larger items, drawer organizers can be found at most box stores or dollar stores.

Cleaning and organization techniques can both play a part in keeping your kitchen neat, tidy and free from fire damage.

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