Clutter happens to the best of us, and in homes with limited square footage, the walls can quickly begin to feel like they’re closing in on you. Decorating and organizing these small spaces can be a challenge, but with some creativity, you can give you home a sense of order and style.

When working with small spaces, organization and functional furnishings are key. While choosing furniture for you home, look for pieces that have storage space built in. Coffee tables with drawers or compartments can store magazines, blankets or any odds and ends you may want easy access to. If you’re in need of a desk but don’t have the room, consider investing in a lift-top coffee table that extends so you can sit comfortably on the couch with your laptop screen at eye level.

An easy way to create the illusion of more room is adding mirrors. Large mirrors reflecting against each other and refracting natural light will make the space appear larger and brighter. Mirrors with unique, textured frames can also add an artistic element to the room. Positioning the mirrors to reflect some of the more interesting elements in the room, such as a large potted plant or a colorful vase, will also create the illusion of added home décor.

Deciding on seating for the living room can feel like a difficult task when there’s not a lot of space to work with. Though sectionals are cozy and cohesive, they tend to fill a lot of space without offering options to easily rearrange. Instead, consider a comfortable sofa or loveseat and add a small accent chair for additional seating. Having some floor pillows on hand to pull out when needed is also an option for more places to sit.

Just like in a metropolitan area, in a small space, think up. Adding in shelving and creative wall storage solutions will help display and store items while saving your much-needed floor space. Hanging desks that fold up are an option if you’re in need of a workspace but don’t have a lot of room. When they’re not being used, the desk portion can fold back into the wall, and the furnishing can also double as a shelving unit.

Keeping the floor clear of clutter is important in small homes. The amount of clutter appears amplified when there isn’t a lot of floor space, and it can detract from even the most beautifully decorated room. If a small room is filled with too much stuff, it can be difficult to know what to focus on, so less is more when it comes to décor. Small spaces with too much stuff may also have a heightened threat of fire damage, as the fire can quickly spread from item to item. Fire damage insurance claims are the most costly homeowner’s insurance claims, accounting for 25% of claims costs, according to ValuePenguin.

Another way to keep the floor clear is by adding in wall sconces or ceiling fixtures for your light sources. This can save the need for an end table, and ample lightning will brighten up the room and make it appear larger. Another way to tricking the eye into seeing a bigger area is by using a large rug. Small rugs will make the room seem small, so using the biggest rug possible for your space can give the appearance of more square footage.

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors and textures. Just because your home is small doesn’t mean you have to be confined to white walls and small, simple decorations. A bold-colored accent wall can add some dimension to the room, and large, textured artwork can create the illusion of a much-larger space. Just be careful not to overwhelm the room with too many large decorations, and include some lighter, neutral colors along with the bold colors to add some balance.

Flowers and greenery are a good way to brighten up your small space, bringing a bit of the outdoors inside your home. Rather than choosing a large floor plant or a potted table plant, try adding hooks to your walls or ceiling and get some hanging planters to maximize your space. If you want to liven up your bathroom, there are a variety of indoor plants that thrive in humid environments. Ferns will flourish in the droplets produced after a hot shower. In small bathrooms, particularly those without windows, a little bit of greenery can make the room feel refreshed.

Limited square footage doesn’t have to hinder your home’s potential for style. With a little bit of design creativity and organization, your small space can truly shine.


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