It’s officially the beginning of 2022, that time of year when resolutions are made (and swiftly broken, sometimes). Health and fitness goals are common objectives to set, but consider making some improvements on your home as well.

New Year resolutions don’t have to be complicated and unattainable. In fact, starting with small, monthly goals is a good way to stay on track. Little by little, month by month, you can start making your home feel brand new and refreshed.


Paint a room. There’s nothing that makes a room feel more refreshed than a new coat of paint. A simple task that can make a huge difference, painting your living room or bathroom a new, splashy color can add some vivacity into your home. As January is typically quite cold and often spent indoors, it’s easy to begin to feel some cabin fever. Revitalizing an area in your home is a good way to break up the monotony.


Replace your HVAC filter. A task that should be done roughly every three months, replacing your HVAC filter is important to ensure your unit is working to the best of its ability. Make sure you purchase the correct size filter and shut off your HVAC unit before replacing the old filter. Dating your new filter before installing it is a good way to keep track of how long you’ve had it the next time it needs changing.


Organize your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Cabinet clutter is common, and it’s often pushed aside for other tasks that are more visible. But taking some time to clear out those cabinets and organize their contents is likely to save you time searching for regularly used items. Not to mention the satisfaction you’ll feel opening the cabinet doors and seeing your plates, pans, towels and toiletries arranged neatly on the shelves. Learn some organization tips here.


Organize your garage. April showers may keep you from doing a lot of outdoor work, but that shouldn’t stop you from taking some time to organize your garage and its contents. Hanging pegboards to make tools easily accessible and getting small items off the floor by storing them in bins on shelves can help make this space more usable.


Wash your windows. As the sun begins to shine in May, it’s important to make sure those windows are clean and bright, keeping dust and grime out of the spotlight. Deep cleaning your windows is a simple task that can make a huge difference on the aesthetic of your home, bringing in more natural light and making the focal point of your home bright and sparkling. Learn more about maintaining your windows here.


Powerwash your house, driveway. After a long winter and rainy spring, powerwashing your house is a good way to wash away dirt and grime from your siding, sidewalk and driveway, leaving them to appear brand new.


Clean the carpets. If your home is filled with carpeting, a deep cleaning every now and then will extend its longevity and keep it looking new. After a snowy winter and a rainy spring in which precipitation is regularly tracked in on your family’s shoes, a good carpet cleaning may be warranted.


Organize your bedroom closet. The bedroom closet is something we use all the time, but organizing it often gets delayed, because nobody else is going to notice if it’s a mess. But taking some time to organize your bedroom closet will not only bring you the satisfaction of not having to dig through mountains of laundry or mismatched shoes, but it may lead you to clear out clutter and old clothes that are taking up precious space.


Work on your curb appeal. If you have landscaping that is becoming overgrown, pulling weeds and refreshing old mulch can make a world of difference in how your home looks from the street. Reviving your front yard landscaping may also increase the value of your home.


Clean the gutters. Fall is an optimal time to go out and clean your gutters. If wet leaves are left in your gutters, they’ll begin to break down into a sediment, clogging the flow of rainwater. And if they’re left to freeze up in decreasing temperatures, the weight could pull down your gutters. Learn more on gutter maintenance here.


Organize and clean your laundry room or area. Whether you have a laundry room or a laundry closet, it’s easy to allow things to get haphazard and disorganized. Place small baskets on shelves to organize your fabric softener and stain remover, keep extra laundry baskets handy and give your washer and dryer a thorough cleaning.


Deep clean your oven. When December arrives, so do many delicious baked treats and dishes. So giving your oven a thorough deep clean beforehand is a good safety measure to take in order to clear out leftover grease, which could ignite and lead to a house fire, prompting you to file a fire damage insurance claim.


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